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FAQ's #6: Penis Pumps

A common toy as well as sexual health tool, pumps are popular for many penis havers. Here are the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions!
Emily Zawadzki
October 15, 2021

We get a lot of questions here at Stag Shop, and some seem to come up more often than others. So we thought we’d create the “Friday FAQ’s” series to roundup and help answer some of YOUR most frequently asked questions as customers!

A popular sex toy as well as a sexual health tool, pumps are top of mind for many penis havers. In addition to our previous blog post uncovering the truth about what they can do, here are the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about penis pumps!

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1. How do they work?

Pipedream Pump Worx Euro Penis Pump

The cylinder creates a vacuum suctioned seal around the penis and the resulting pressure forces blood to it (mimicking what happens naturally during an erection) and keeps it there for a temporary period of time. The results can typically last long enough for penetrative sex or foreplay, and combining a pump with a cock ring can prolong the results from the pump!

2. What’s the difference between water and air pumps?

The difference is all about the type of pressure being used inside of the cylinder; either air pressure or water pressure. While sometimes a personal preference, water tends to distribute more consistently and can be removed from the cylinder slower compared to air; making it the better (and safer) choice for many. However, water pumps also tend to be on the more expensive side, which are all things to consider.

3. Are there differences between manual & auto pumping?

Pipedream Pump Worx Beginner's Power Penis Pump Clear

Slightly more common, manual pumps refer to ones that feature a handle or ball that you squeeze or press to deliver the pressure into the cylinder. Auto pumps provide more of a hands-free option as they do the pumping for you with the press of a button.

Both have their pros and cons though including:

  • Auto pumps can be helpful for those with dexterity issues, chronic pain, etc.
  • Auto pumps provide a quicker erection
  • Manual pumps work at a slower pace, ideal for less experienced users
  • Manual pumps offer more control
  • Not many water pumps exist in auto form

4. Why is the Bathmate brand so expensive?

Touching on what we mentioned earlier about water pumps, Bathmate just so happens to be one of the only brands currently making them! It takes a different type of technology to harness water pressure within the pump rather than air pressure and this all adds up.

Many Bathmate pumps feature other add-ons and accessories (like cleaning tools) in addition to the pump itself and they also offer a wide variety of sizes to accommodate all penises!

5. Can a pump make my penis bigger?

Lastly, this is one of the most popular questions we get asked about pumps, and the answer is…kind of. Yes it can, as the tissue is simply expanding on top of itself and allowing the penis to hold more blood over time, which makes it look/feel bigger in length and girth. However, these effects are likely only temporary since consistent use is needed to see lasting results!