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Sexy Sleepwear!

Just because you’re asleep, doesn’t mean you still can’t look and feel cute af.
October 12, 2021

Just because you’re asleep, doesn’t mean you still can’t look and feel cute af. Where comfy meets cozy, these sexy sleepwear ideas just might have you re-thinking your entire pyjama wardrobe!

Booty Shorts

Coquette 7213 Booty Shorts

Whether you want to pair it with something on top or not, booty shorts are comfortable for both lounging and sleeping. On those colder nights, you can also use them as a pair of panties/underwear simply by putting a pair of pants on over top!


Coquette 20302 Lace & Satin Babydoll & Thong Set

If you haven’t already tried a babydoll, they’re about to become your new BFF. Tighter on the chest for a secure fit, babydolls feature an empire waistline that cinches under the bust while the rest of the fabric flows loosely down the rest of the torso. Many also come included with a g-string or other type of panty to help you complete the look on the bottom half too. 

Bra & Panty Set

Coquette 7210 Bra & Panty Set

Give that old bralette an upgrade with a classy and comfy bra & panty set. Whereas some sets are definitely more for aesthetic purposes, others come with a looser, crop top style or even resemble a sports bra. Look for one made of a softer and stretchier material and especially ones without underwire!

It wouldn’t be a set without matching bottoms right!? From g-strings to thongs, booty shorts, and more, you can find sets that include a matching panty in various styles.


Coquette 3872 Romper

To take you from your evening of relaxing on the couch all the way until you wake up in bed the next morning, try a romper! Most feature a booty short bottom with a flowy top and a cinched waistband to meet you in the middle. 

Coquette Short Satin Robe Black OS

The best part? They are an all-in-one piece that doesn’t really require much else to complete the outfit, however, as we get into the colder months; a robe pairs perfectly.

168 Panty

Coquette 168 Panty

Available in 5 fun (and some neon!) colours, these barely-there panties by Coquette with slashes across the bum are as comfy as they are edgy. Complete the look with an oversized sweater or t-shirt and some wool socks!


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