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The Truth About Penis Pumps

Maybe you’ve heard the rumours about what they can do, or a friend has one, or one has been recommended by your doctor. But what exactly is a penis pump and what do they do?

Maybe you’ve heard the rumours about what they can do, or a friend has one, or one has been recommended by your doctor. But what exactly is a penis pump and what do they do? Before visiting a store or adding one of these bad boys to your cart - let’s go over the truth about penis pumps.

The Big Goal

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Contrary to popular belief, penis pumps were not actually designed to grow the penis - they are meant to help with achieving and maintaining an erection. The “growth” that can come from using penis pumps (we’ll get to that later) is like an added bonus for those who are dedicated users!

Penis pumps are designed to increase blood flow to the penis and help to keep it there for a short period of time. The results can typically last long enough for penetrative sex or foreplay, and combining a pump with a cock ring can prolong the results from the pump - but as with all cock rings, it’s not a good idea to keep them on for more than 30-45 minutes. That blood DOES need to flow to the rest of the body too!

How They Work

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Okay, so penis pumps force blood flow to the penis. But how? To understand that, you first need to understand the anatomy of the penis.

The penis is made up of 3 key areas of sponge-like tissue; 2 large ones, each called the Corpora Cavernosa, and a smaller one on the bottom called the Corpus Spongiosum (this is what urine and ejaculate pass through). When you become sexually aroused, your brain releases a hormone that sends blood to the penis, filling & expanding the three tissued areas with blood; resulting in an erection.

A penis pump mimics this natural process by creating a tight vacuum-like pressure to forcefully send blood to the penis. When the blood fills the 3 chambers, it expands the tissue, also resulting in an erection.

Water VS Air Pumps

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There are two different types of penis pumps on the market and the difference is all in the pressure they use to force the blood flow - simply put, water pumps utilize water pressure whereas air pumps use air pressure. You’ve probably seen more air pumps as they tend to be the most common and most represented in the media (and cheaper). However, water pumps are a more modern take on the pump, that can actually have more benefits than an air pump.

The concern with air pumps is that air pressure doesn’t always distribute evenly whereas water pressure does. Things like blistering and broken blood vessels can appear on the penis if a pump is not used correctly or safely. Water pumps can help to avoid all of these possibilities with the ability to easily add or let out water to change up the pressure within the pump. Air pumps tend to give the user less control over how much pressure is actually inside of the pump.

Bathmate is one of the only brands with a line of water penis pumps on the market today!

But What About A Bigger Penis !?

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The part you’ve all been waiting for...can using a penis pump actually increase the size of your penis? And the answer? Kind of. It’s a little bit more complicated than that though.

When a penis pump is used consistently (think like almost daily), it can actually give you more length and girth. However, your penis is not actually getting bigger. Similar to bodybuilding, the tissue in the penis is just expanding on top of each other. Using a pump allows the Corpora Cavernosum to hold more blood, expand more, and ultimately look bigger.

So, if you can commit to the routine...yes, it can.

There Must Be A Catch...

...and of course there is! As the saying goes “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

If you didn’t catch it in the previous section...YOU HAVE TO BE CONSISTENT. Think of it as a workout for your penis. If you go to the gym once, will you see results? Not likely, but if you go a few times a week for a few months - you begin to see changes.

Also here are 3 words you might not want to hear about your new penis - it’s only temporary. Just like with regular exercise, the moment you stop using a pump - the moment the effects start to wear off. The tissue regresses to its previous shape and size, losing most of those gains.

The Bottom Line

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They can be fun to use during sex, can help to get and maintain erections, and yes they can even give you a temporarily bigger penis, however there has been no significant research to suggest any real long-term size effects.

Even if you do grow some penis gains, pumps are not magic and the results aren’t permanent - so learn to LOVE and use what you’ve got!

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