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FAQ's #7: Vibrators

Vibrators can be used by anyone to deliver the good vibes and pleasure! Here are the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about them.
January 28, 2022

We get a lot of questions here at Stag Shop, and some seem to come up more often than others. So we thought we’d create the “Friday FAQ’s” series to roundup and help answer some of YOUR most frequently asked questions as customers!

Often categorized by where on the body they were designed to stimulate (clitoral, G-spot, sometimes both, anally), vibrators can be used by anyone to deliver the good vibes - and pleasure!

In addition to a whole bunch of blogs covering the topic, here are the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about vibrators!

1. What’s the “best” vibrator?

whitney houton simply the best gif

This is like asking what’s the best food? The best car? There are far too many vibrators out there with differing characteristics for there to really be one end-all vibrator that will do the trick for everyone!

Some items may be "best-sellers" in the sense that we here at Stag Shop specifically have sold a lot of them, but it may not be the best for you. It can be helpful to look at the vibrator’s size, material, special features as well as reading reviews from other folks to help you narrow down what could possibly be the best vibrator for you and your body.

2. Do they all feel the same?

Evolved Tilt-O-Whirl Vibrator

Not quite! There are many things that can affect how a vibrator feels on/in the body including the material it’s made of and what type of motor it has. As a general rule of thumb, harder materials like plastics provide more surface (or buzzy) vibrations whereas softer materials like silicone and jelly can provide deeper (or more rumbly) vibrations.

Don’t forget about the motor(s)! Some vibrators advertise their RPM and the more motors a toy has (some even have 3 or 4!) the stronger the vibrations and more intense sensations it can provide.

3. How can I travel with my vibrator?

Evolved Travel-gasm Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator Cal Exotics Hide & Play Lipstick Vibrator

In addition to several potential storage options for your vibrator, consider the shape and design of the toy. Smaller and more discreet vibrators - like the lipstick vibe pictured above - can be easier to transport and use.

Some vibrators also feature a travel lock that allows you to “lock” the toy and prevent it from turning on and vibrating (especially anywhere unwanted) until you unlock it again.

4. Which is better, batteries or rechargeable?


Stag Shop Alkaline AAA Batteries 4-Pack Cal Exotics Rechargeable Kegel Ball Advanced

For most vibrators, batteries or a rechargeable motor are what makes your toy truly vibe! TBH though, both have their pros and cons and you may find one type works better for you and your lifestyle.

5. What’s the most “powerful” vibrator?

Adam & Eve Magic Massager Deluxe

Some of the strongest vibrators are neither rechargeable nor do they take batteries, but actually plug right into the wall! Simply pulling from a larger power source, they are often seen in wands like the Magic Wand and the A&E one pictured above as well as sex machines like The Power Banger.


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