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10 Naughty V-Day Gifts For Under $20

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be wildly expensive nor complicated for anyone - keep reading for 10 different gift ideas, all $20 and under!
Emily Zawadzki
February 8, 2022

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be wildly expensive nor complicated for anyone - keep reading for 10 different gift ideas, all $20 and under!

Psssst…want to drop the price even lower!? Check out everything we have for $10 and under!

*Please note that many of the below ideas feature a variety of products with ranging prices. However, something for $20 or less can be found within each!*

1. A Massage

Intimate Earth Aromatherapy Massage Oil 30ml Foil Packet

A massage is the perfect excuse to get your partner naked and touch them all over; add some massage oil and get sensual & slippery!

You can even try a Nuru massage in which you actually use your *entire body* (and not just your hands) to give the massage!

2. An Extended “Foreplay” Session


Doc Johnson Vibrating Tongue Ring & Screaming O Fing-O Tips Disposable Fingertip Vibrator

However you enjoy your foreplay, it unfortunately often either gets missed or cut too short for many of us. On the day dedicated to love & sex, now is the perfect time to treat a lover (and have them treat you too!) to an extended foreplay session of oral play, some hands-on & fingering fun, or both!

Pro Tip: Kick it up a notch with some flavoured lube, a vibrating tongue or finger vibe, and maybe even a stimulant or arousal liquid to really take things to the next level!

3. A Game


Kheper Games Kinky BDSM Dice & Kheper Games DTF Card Game

Whether you prefer a board game, dice, or cards, there’s a sexy game out there for you!
Some feature specific themes or activities such as BDSM and oral play, while others are more sensual and romantic overall.

Different games can feature punishments and rewards, and others can prompt you and other players to reveal things about yourself. Alternatively, you can try making your own game too!

4. A BDSM Fantasy Come True


Ouch By Shots Soft Eyemask & Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Cat-O-Nine Tails Flogger Black

Speaking of BDSM play, a blindfold, pair of handcuffs, a tickler, and other smaller & lightweight BDSM products can either be used on their own or altogether to create the perfect scene.

Take this opportunity to explore something new with a partner, or advance your skills with an upgraded BDSM tool.

5. A Dirty Movie

black and white movie countdown gif

If both of you like that type of visual stimulation, enjoy a video together! Try looking on the internet or going into one of our store locations to browse & shop together. Have a conversation beforehand to discuss both of your preferences, turn-ons, and turn-offs when it comes to XXX videos.

Alternatively, not *just* for pleasure, some DVD’s are more instructional in nature, providing education, tips & tricks, and more!

6. Crotchless/Edible Undergarments


Coquette 138 Crotchless Thong & Pipedream Edible Kandy G-String Pouch For Him

Edible underwear can be found to fit both penises and vulvas, although it doesn’t really matter what they look like when you’re biting them off, right!? Underwear made of gummy or rock candy are a perfect and fun way to lead into some oral play.

Crotchless panties are real underwear that just have an open hole where the crotch should be. Wear them under regular clothes for an exhilarating thrill or during foreplay and/or sex. With the genitals fully exposed, the options for play are just as open and wild as you feel like being!

7. (Edible) Body Paint

Shunga Edible Body Paint Chocolate

Taking finger painting to a whole new level and get a little messy this Valentine’s Day with some body paint. Most are on the cheaper side and some are even edible with flavours like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. The best part of the mess? You can continue your fun in the shower too!

8. A Bubble Bath For Two

black straight couple in the bathtub with roses gif

Indulge in some bath bombs, bath salts, and maybe even a waterproof toy for the ultimate bubble bath together. Not naughty enough for you? Add one of these dirty soaps to help you get clean!

With all of the fun & sexiness you can add to a bubble bath, there won’t be too much time for relaxing this time around!

9. An Adventurous New Experience

beyonce with book gif

Has your lover always wanted to try rope play or have they been showing more interest in anal sex lately? Well then use the sexiest day of the year to explore some new ways to play!

Check out our selection of Stag Shop University brochures to get all of the important info such as how to’s, safety considerations, and the best toys for play on a variety of sexual activities!

Pro Tip: Want something to physically have and hold? Pick any of the brochures up for free in any of our store locations or online simply by adding it to you cart and checking out like normal!

10. A New Toy


Stag Shop Choke it to Yoke it Nubby Masturbating Egg & Palmpower Micro Massager Key Chain

Smaller toys like bullet vibrators, cock rings, nipple toys, etc. can all be found at lower prices, even for $20 and under! Just as with many other retail stores, Stag Shop believe it or not also has a clearance section! Both online and in stores, we have a variety of different toys and lingerie that are priced to GO!

Treat yourself and/or a lover to a new toy; you can grab a quick backup of one of their fav stimulation toys or try out one totally new and different! For example, they may have a bullet vibrator or two already because they love their clitoral stimulation, but there are TONS of different toys on the shelves with slight differences amongst them that could switch up their clitoral sensations!



Ozze Creations Triple XXX Vouchers

Treat your partner and personalize their pleasure with some sexual favour coupons/vouchers…you can also DIY them for free!