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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: For Her

If you’re shopping for a female partner or someone with a vulva this Holiday season, here are 5 of our best-selling toys worth gifting this year!
December 14, 2022

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1. We-Vibe Moxie

moxie aquamoxie black

Available in two different colours - aqua and black - the We-Vibe Moxie is an app-compatible & wearable vibrator unlike any other! It uses a powerful magnet clip to keep it securely in place while playing so you don’t need to worry about a pesky little pocket or putting a hole in your underwear. 

It also provides more versatility in which bottoms they can go in…use them in your own underwear, put them in a partner’s panties, or even use it on bathing suit bottoms for underwater fun too!

2. A Stainless Steel Dildo

Le Wand Swerve Stainless Steel Wand

Stainless steel toys are prized for their hardness, weight, and hygiene due to the fact that they are non-porous. They are smooth to the touch and add pressure and weight to your play, whether inside or outside of the body. 

In addition, they can be used with all types of lubricant as well as for some thrilling temperature play by cooling them down or warming them up. Spoil your special someone with this unique and luxurious type of toy in various shapes and sizes!

3. Doc Johnson Buzz “Liquid Vibrator”

With just a few drops of Doc Johnson’s Buzz Ultra Liquid Vibrator stimulating clitoral gel, it can take their pleasure to all-new heights! Buzz tingles on contact and creates a pleasurable buzzing sensation on the body for a hands-free & long-lasting sensual experience. As a bonus, it also provides gentle lubrication when enjoying Buzz for penetration play too!

4. Butt Plug

heart gem plugfloral glass plugrose metal plug

Rear Assets Aluminum Heart Rose Gold Plug & Icicles No.48 Glass Flower Plug & Booty Sparks Pink Rose Flower Gold Plug 

Has your partner expressed interest in anal play? Regardless of anal experience, who doesn’t love a cute little something-something peeking out between their cheeks!? Treat them to a *cuter* butt plug with things like a jewel, an emoji, or a flower.

5. Cal Exotics She-ology Kegel Set

This interchangeable and weighted kegel ball set from Cal Exotics provides way more for the user compared to other kegel toys & kits. It is one of our most customizable kegel sets including 6 differently weighted balls as well as 2 different options of saddles for either 1 or 2 weights.

The weighted balls themselves also graduate at smaller increments than other kegel toys, allowing for a more precise and easier graduation from one ball to the next!


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