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Big Butt Toys

Not for the average backdoor beginner, here’s what you should know before buying some BIG anal toys.
Emily Zawadzki
August 30, 2022

What defines an anal toy as BIG?!

how big cowboy gif

While we all may define “big” a little differently, however for the purpose of this blog post, we mean toys that have a bigger length, width, and girth than your average anal toy. Looking for some ideas of what we mean?! Check out our previous blog!

Don’t let your eyes be bigger than your butt though! These types of anal toys are not for everyone and should NOT be considered a starting point for anal newbies. Instead, take a look at some beginner anal toys! These bigger butt toys were designed for the experienced anal user whether it be with toys, penises, or both!


Shibari Get Lucky XL Lube launcher

You didn't think we’d have an anal blog post and NOT talk about lube, did you!? It’s especially important to be using a thicker anal lubricant with bigger toys since you are stretching the tissue even more in an already naturally un-lubricated area.

Take a look at some of the anal lubes we love here!

Pro Tip: Since you’re playing deeper within the bum, try a lube shooter to get the lube deeper into the anal cavity - lubricating deeper on the inside too!

Big Booty Toy Tips

XR Brands Tom of Finland XL Silicone Anal Plug

  • Consider a tapered shape (like the one pictured above) that starts smaller and gets bigger as it goes deeper. This makes it easier to insert and allows you to take your time to get to the widest point of the toy.

    Pro tip: An inflatable anal toy also allows you to work your way up to the biggest size available while it's already inside of you so you don’t have to worry about the insertion or removal of something that maybe feels great when in place but not so much going in and out of the body.

  • Look for a toy that has a suction-cup base for some hands-free play and for more control over the insertion as you can lower yourself onto it or back yourself up into it at your own pace.

  • Many bigger butt toys still provide some of the same features you may already know and love from your other anal toys such as vibration, rotating/rimming beads, stimulating textures, and more!