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Let's Play A Kissing Game!

In recognition of International Kissing Day on July 6th, here is a selection of fun kissing games you should try!

In recognition of International Kissing Day on July 6th, here is a selection of fun kissing games you should try!

1. Lipstick Lovers

The point of this game is to see who can cover the other in the most lipstick (applied by kissing of course!) within a certain amount of time. Use something like a restraint to physically keep them down so that their body is laid out like a canvas for you to cover with colour! Have even more fun washing it off of eachother in the shower afterwards!

2. Random Acts of Kisses

Choose some of your favourite different types of kisses (butterfly, french, makeout, peck, etc.) and write them all out - maybe even more than one of each! When done, put them all in a jar and take turns pulling them out one by one to enjoy a unique smooch session!

3. Movie Fantasies

For any movie lovers out there, try acting out some of your favourite kisses from the big screen! Help to set the scene and get into character with some role-play outfits & accessories.

4. Show & Not Tell

Sex & Mischief Satin Blindfold Black

If you are someone who finds it easier to show rather than tell what you want, this game is here to help! Blindfold your lover and kiss them exactly the way you like to be kissed. Then, you wear the blindfold and they try to kiss you back in the exact same way that you just kissed them!

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5. Stay Still

Cal Exotics Scandal 8 Points of Love Bed Restraint

Restrain a lover (we recommend either to a bed or a door) and starting from the bottom, work your way up their body with kisses - all while they try not to move! If they lose, you get to choose the reward - perhaps the next sexual activity, a longer oral session, or having them use your favourite toy on you!

If you think you can handle the heat, make it even more challenging by adding a blindfold to the person who isn’t allowed to move. Without one of their senses, the rest will be heightened, making it that much harder to stay still!

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6. Codeword

black couple cheers at dinner gif

Perfect for when you are out together, come up with a codeword ahead of time and everytime you hear it, find your partner and kiss them! You can even kick it up a notch by having multiple codewords to mean different types of kisses!

7. Shine Like Gloss

HighOnLove Hemp Oil Stimulating Lip Gloss

Using only chapsticks & lip glosses with flavours, blindfold your lover and apply one to your lips. Sensually kiss them until they have quite a bit of the product on their own lips, at which point they have to guess the flavour! Spice up the sensation by adding a stimulating lip gloss that also provides a tingly warmth in addition to a yummy taste!


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