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Realistic Dildos We Love!

If you think you’d like to try playing with a realistic dildo, here are a few of our favourites!
November 18, 2021

A “realistic” dildo is basically one that was designed to look and/or feel like a penis. Folks may prefer a realistic dildo for solo play, with a partner, in a strap-on harness, for gender-affirming sex, and more! To read more about the pros & cons of realistic dildos, check out our previous blog post here!

Realistic dildos can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, materials, and more. Many also feature textured veins and if you get one that has a suction-cup base, there are even more play possibilities!

If you think you’d like to try playing with a realistic dildo, here are a few of our favourites!

Pipedream King Cocks

Pipedream King Cock Vibrating Realistic Cock 6-inch Brown

The King Cock line by Pipedream carries one of the biggest collections of cocks around! They come in a variety of sizes and skin tones, and some are even uncut! King Cocks are known for their realistic look and feel, while also providing fun additional features such as vibration, poseable shafts, squirting capabilities, and more!

NS Novelties Colours Dildos

NS Novelties Colours 5-Inch Pleasures Dildo

The Colours dildos are also available in a variety of skin tones, but provide some fun and not-so-realistic colours as well such as hot pink, blue, and purple! This line by NS Novelties offers a range of dildo densities from super soft & squishy to hard & firm, and ALL are made of silicone.

Extremely textured with veins from just under the tip all the way down to the balls, most of the Colours dildos feature a suction-cup base, also making them o-ring strap-on harness compatible!

Evolved Real Supple Poseable Dildos

Evolved Real Supple Poseable Girthy 8.5-inch Dildo

With a choice of either silicone or TPE material, the Evolved Real Supple dildos all feature a completely poseable shaft so that they can hit your sweetest spots every time! Available in a variety of skin tones and sizes, all of these realistic dildos have a suction-cup base and are o-ring strap-on harness compatible.

Stag Shop Signature Dildos

Stag Shop Signature Dildo Luke Dual-Density 7.5-inch Dildo 

Our own line of realistic dildos is newer, ranging in cocks from 6 to 9 inches long! All are made from a dual-density material - which means that they have a soft, squishy exterior and firm inner core. Our collection features some more unique shapes of realistic cocks, including those that feature a slight bend or an angle.

Fleshjack Boys

Fleshjack Boys Boomer Bank's Realistic Dildo

Offering the ultimate realistic cock experience, the Fleshjack Boys by Fleshlight are moulded directly from the cocks of some of the most famous adult stars today including Brent Corrigan & Milan Christopher! They are all made of luxurious, medical-grade silicone with incredible temperature sensitivity that allows them to warm quickly to match body temperature as you play.


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