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The Toy To Try: Balldo!

This may tes-tickle your fancy... Balldo is the first sex toy that allows you to penetrate with your testicles, engaging in a new type of play, ballsex!
Emily Zawadzki
January 17, 2023

Just as the clitoris and head of the penis share similar nerve endings, it’s the same for the outer labia of the vulva and the testicles! Balldo takes full advantage of these nerve endings on the scrotum and effectively turns the wearer's testicles into a shaft capable of vaginal or anal penetration!  

balldo grey-j

Each Balldo set - available in grey or purple - comes with a Balldo & two spacer rings all made from silicone. The Balldo has a super stretchy upper ring to make it easier to take on and off (either flaccid or erect) and a strong inner core that helps hold its shape when being inserted into someone else.

An orgasm felt within the balls - aka a BALLGASM - is slow-building, intense, and completely unique from a penis orgasm due to an entirely different set of nerves being stimulated.

balldo on-j

For the receiving partner, being penetrated by Balldo feels different as well. Because the testicles are often wider than the Balldo, it creates a thick and fuller feeling inside of the body.

Depending on the position, and the partner, this can also leave the shaft of the penis free and outside of the body for clitoral stimulation!

step 1 shave

Step 1: To put on the Balldo, first shave the testicles so that you are not tugging on any hairs, then apply some water-based lube!

step 2 stretch over

Step 2: Stretch the Balldo cage over the testicles, you’ll probably find it easier to go one at a time and then align them in place. 

step 3 spacer rings

Step 3: Pull on 1 or 2 of the spacer rings, to increase tension, and keep this "second shaft" as erect as possible.

 step 3 spacer rings