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Sex Toy Features & Functions 101

If you’re newer to sex toys in general and not really sure what kind of fun features and functions that they can provide, this is the guide for you!
Emily Zawadzki
January 19, 2023

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Evolved Lilac Desires 7-Pc Vibrator Kit

Considering pretty much any type of toy has the option for vibration, that should tell you what a popular and stimulating sensation it is! There are many different types of vibrators and tbh we think you should have multiple in your collection anyway!

Dual Motors

Shots Toys Enora Dual Ended Wand Vibrator & Onyxxx Novella Dual Vibrator

These toys take the concept of vibration…and double it! They are most commonly seen in dual/rabbit vibes that offer simultaneous stimulation of the vagina and the clitoris, but can also be seen in the form of:

  • Toys that vibrate on both ends
  • Prostate toys with a motor in the perineum stimulator too
  • Toys that have dual motors in one spot for that extra powerful punch

Pro Tip: Look for a toy that offers independent controls which means you can control each of the dual motors on their own for the ultimate in personalized pleasure!


If you’re newer to sex toys in general and not really sure what kind of fun features and functions that they can provide, this is the guide for you!

Womanizer Marilyn Monroe x Classic 2 Stimulator

Suction or air pulse/pressure toys are a newer type of technology that provides a more unique and gentler sensation against where it’s placed. They use air wave technology to blow out/suck in air in different ways, depending on the brand.

It used to be marketed specifically as a toy for the clitoris, but now can be found in a variety of designs including internal/vaginal toys and penis strokers too!


Cal Exotics Eden Flicker Vibrator

For fun in the bath and other larger bodies of water, be sure to look for a sex toy that is waterproof…not to be mistaken with splashproof or water resistant toys that can’t be submerged in water.

If you had any more questions about waterproof toys, we answer a lot of them over in our FAQ blog!


We-Vibe Date Night Set

We’ve talked about app-compatible sex toys in great length on this blog…mainly because they’re just so f*%$ cool!

Connected to the brand’s specific app with even more built-in play possibilities, they allow you to connect with playmates across the world, they are perfect for discreet public play, and not to mention can make things easier to maneuver when playing solo!


Satisfyer Hot Lover Dual Bluetooth & Heating Vibrator

A toy that does all of the hot and heavy work for you!? Yes please! Available in a variety of toy designs and styles, these types of toys have a heating function that warms you up with the push of a button.

“Textured” Shafts & Stimulators

Gläs Mr. Swirly G-Spot Glass Dildo

These are different ways of saying “extra sensations” with raised or textured parts of the toy which provides a different feeling on the body than a toy that is perfectly smooth.

Textured shafts specifically are ideal for toys that go in and out of the body (aka penetration) like dildos, whereas textured clitoral & perineum stimulators are designed to tease these nerve-rich areas!


Shot Toys Tani Finger Motion & Pulse Wave Vibrator

Take the different sensations inside of the body too with toys that move while it’s inside of you in the form of thrusting, rotating, or waving! Most toys embed something into the shaft such as beads or discs, or it is built with a specific motor that makes these unique motions.