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More or Less: Cuffs

These wrist/ankle cuffs are more or less the same with the key difference being price. Whether you want to spend more or less, here are some comparable cuffs!
Emily Zawadzki
January 12, 2023

If you wanted more information about different types and styles of cuffs, check out our previous blog post!

Over The Door

For fun standing up and trying restraints in new positions, these cuffs secure over a closed door to keep your play thing in place!

MORE: $79.99

Electric Eel Lux Fetish Over The Door Cross Cuff Set

These cuffs feature more of a cross “X” design with 4 cuffs so that it can restrain any combination of wrists, ankles, or both!

LESS: $56.99

Ouch by Shots Toys Door Restraint Kit

This pair by Ouch! comes with just 2 cuffs that are adjustable via velcro; the straps are also adjustable to accommodate various heights!

Furry (Soft)

Although they may seem cliché, furry-lined cuffs can help to make things more comfortable, especially for longer wear. They are a great beginner cuff to restraint play since they look less intimidating than others (including many colours to choose from!) and can provide a fun way to engage in some light sensory play.

MORE: $29.99

Fetish Fantasy Furry Love Cuffs

These soft and furry cuffs from Fetish Fantasy feature a sturdier design and thicker, faux fur that makes for more comfortable padding.

LESS: $15.99

Ouch by Shots Toys Beginner Fur Handcuffs

Available in pink, purple, black, and red, these Ouch! fuzzy cuffs connect via a chain link to keep wrists together at all times.


The fun begins when the lights go out for these cuffs that glow-in-the-dark!

MORE: $59.99

NS Novelties GLO Bondage Wrist Cuffs

Play in the dark with these glow-in-the-dark wrist cuffs from NS Novelties! Lined in soft material for long wear comfort, they easily fasten with an adjustable buckle for the perfect fit. The cuffs are bound in the center by 2 D rings and lobster claw clasps so that you can clip your lover's wrists together or to something else.

LESS: $35.99

Ouch by Shots Toys Glow in the Dark Handcuffs

The slightest difference in design detail is pretty much the only difference between these cuffs by Ouch! and “more” ones above!”


Use a hogtie set (that usually comes with 4 cuffs) to restrain the wrists and ankles at the same time!

MORE: $119.99

Sportsheets Saffron Hog Tie & Cuff Set

With heavy duty hardware and firmly-fitted, padded cuffs, there will be no wriggling out of this one! Each sturdy connection point of this Sportsheets hogtie can take a wrist, ankle, or combination of the two to properly pin down you or your little plaything. They all come together via a firm and sturdy cross bar which they can also be disconnected from.

LESS: $55.99

Adam & Eve Hog Tie

Dressed in vegan leather, this Adam & Eve Hog Tie kit lets you rope your lover and hold 'em in place for whatever sexy moves you have in mind! They'll be sittin' pretty in total comfort - thanks to the fully adjustable, faux fur-lined ankle & wrist cuffs. This Hog Tie ensures all 4 limbs are safely held in place via a central o-ring, and those metal buckles and rivets give you naughty bondage styling too!

Collar & Cuff Combo

For you extra kinky folks, add a collar to your cuffs providing even more ways to play!

MORE: $89.99

Cal Exotics Scandal Collar Body Restraint

This luxurious collar & cuff combo set from Cal Exotics comes with universal cuffs and three different levels of restraint, so you can decide just how much they’ll be allowed to move. The reversible design means the hands can be bound in front of the chest or tethered vulnerably behind your back.

The collar and cuffs are soft and plushy on the inside, and the wrist cuffs are fully detachable so that you can use them with or without the full body restraint.

LESS: $48.99

Ouch by Shots Toys Bonded Leather Collar & Hand Cuffs

This Leather Collar & Cuffs set by Ouch! is comfortable yet incredibly secure with quality leather straps and elegant stitching down the length. The buckle straps for the cuffs and snap fasteners for the collar are easily adjustable and fit almost any size.