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Top 10 Masturbation Tips

As we finish up another Masturbation Month, here are some of our top tips to help you spice up your solo sessions!

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Regardless of how you like to enjoy your you time, here are some of our top masturbation tips for all folks!

1. Do it in front of a mirror

black woman twerking in front of mirror gif

Not only is it hot, but watching yourself in a mirror can help you to see and understand your anatomy better!

2. Try different lubes

Swiss Navy Warming Water-Based Lubricant 4oz

Try experimenting with a different type of lubricant, such as one that cools down or warms up! Just remember that silicone lubes should be avoided with silicone toys.

3. Switch up your positions & places

Liberator Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount Velvish Merlot

Think about switching up your positions and places. If you typically lie on your back, get on your knees, or even stand up! If you normally do it in your bed, go to the shower, your home office, your car, or anywhere else you feel like you can sneakily have some solo time without anyone else seeing.

Pro Tip: Try using sex furniture - like Liberators - to help you achieve said new positions & angles comfier, easier, and for longer periods of time!

4. Dress up (or down) for yourself

Coquette 21313 Marabou Robe Black OS

Dress up or rather, dress down for yourself in whatever makes you feel sexy! Whether that’s a lingerie outfit, a luxurious robe, a chest/body harness, or all of the above!

5. Set the mood for yourself

lighting lots of candles gif

Just as you might take the time to set the mood for your sexy time with another, treat yourself to the same kind of sensuality! Light candles, put on some masturbation music, and/or set up your play space with ALL of the things that you’re going to need and want during your you time.

6. Use your other hand

waving hand gif

…or other parts of your hand to switch up the sensations and try different stimulation. Of course, you can always try new toys to do this too!

7. Incorporate your butt

Cal Exotics Eclipse Slender Vibrating Anal Beads Black

You can manually start to play with your butthole or add an anal toy like beads, a plug, or a prostate toy for people with penises. Don’t forget about your other erogenous zones too like the nipples!

8. Explore solo BDSM play

white woman smacking a paddle against hand saying oh yeah gif

If you're someone who's on the kinkier side, try exploring some solo BDSM too with restraints, sensory play, and more.

9. Do it after a workout, meditation, or yoga session

Nicki Minaj working out music video gif

Whichever method you prefer, try enjoying an activity that helps to calm your body and mind & get you into the right mindset before you flood your brain with all the feel-good hormones!

10. If you’re on your period, try focusing on clitoral stimulation instead.

Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager Grey

That way if you use tampons or a menstrual cup, you can keep it inside of you (along with the mess) and focus on the clit instead! We actually have a bunch of other tips for masturbating on your period over on our Instagram!


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