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Top 10 Universal Couples Toys

Whether you’ve been with your partner for five days or five years, we have a few toy ideas for any couple to help spice up your sex life!
February 10, 2022

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Whether you’ve been with your partner for 5 days or 5 years – trying new things in the bedroom can spice up your sex life, enhance communication, and bring you closer together as a couple. If you’re bored with the same old routine sex, we have a few toy ideas for you!

From toys, to furniture, and tons of accessories, it can be overwhelming as a couple trying to figure out what to play with next. To make things a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of 10 universally fun couples toys to add into your sex life to try something new and kick it up a notch!

1. The We-Vibe Chorus

We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator Cosmic Blue

The We-Vibe Chorus is a couple’s toy that works to simultaneously stimulate and pleasure both partners. With its infamous "C" shape, the We-Vibe is meant to be worn inside the vagina and is thrusted in deeper by a partner. Both ends of the We-Vibe have motors that stimulate the clitoris and inside the vagina simultaneously with vibration. The We-Vibe Chorus is snug and compact, hugging the body and making it more comfortable for penetration.

Why You’ll Both Love it:

When one partner penetrates, they push the We-Vibe deeper into the vagina, while the top part rests on top of the clitoris, providing dual stimulation for the wearer. A partner with a penis will also feel the vibration and be stimulated as they thrust. So both of you get to enjoy the vibration and the closeness that the We-Vibe brings you. Oh, and did we mention there’s an app!? That's right. You have the choice of the included handheld remote control, or you can use the app on your phone - from anywhere in the world!

Try This: Use the we-vibe for body grinding! As it is worn inside of the vagina, a partner can then grind & rub up against the vibrating external part resting on the clit!

2. Double-Ended Dildos & Vibrators

Gläs Double Trouble Doubled-Ended Glass Dildo Clear

Double-ended dildos/vibrators are toys that were meant to be shared between two people. Although a popular toy for two vulva-havers to share, double-ended toys can be used by anyone. The idea is that one person uses one end, and their partner uses the other. How you choose to use them, is the fun part!

Why You'll Both Love It:

You both get to take control of your own pleasure and use your end of the toy the way that you want. At the same time, you're able to watch and help your partner get off by working the double toy between the two of you. It may take some communication and re-positioning, but once you have the rhythm, ride on!

Try This! Try a double-ended toy in a position where you can both face each other. It will be easier to control each end, it’s more intimate, and trust us - you're going to love the view!

3. Liberators

Liberator is a brand that makes pillows and furniture specifically for sex. Liberators come in all sorts of shapes and sizes that are custom made for reaching those hard positions and just making sex more comfortable for both partners.

Why You'll Both Love It:

Before you say "but I already have pillows" believe us when we say it's just not the same. Whereas regular pillows can be thin and flimsy, Liberators are strong and structured, meaning it won't lose it's shape or even decompress! You both can lie on it and use it without it giving way underneath you, allowing you to keep the position for as long as you need. The different shapes will help with different positions like oral sex, doggy style, etc.

Try This! Look for a Liberator that also holds a toy! It can be used for solo or partnered play, and seamlessly adds your favourite toy into any scene.

4. Vibrating Cock Rings

Adam & Eve Silicone Rechargeable Rabbit Ring Blue

A cock ring at its most basic form is meant to constrict the blood flow to the penis for harder, longer erections. But when you add some vibration, it easily becomes a couples toy! The vibrating part can exist within the ring itself, or as an added extension to the top or bottom of the ring.

Why You'll Both Love It:

Depending on how a ring is worn around the penis (upside down or right side up), the vibrating piece should hit the clitoris or perineum of a partner. Since the ring is constricting blood flow, the penis can often feel thicker, creating a fuller, firmer feeling for both partners as well.

Try This! Not just for cocks - a cock ring can also be worn on the fingers or on a dildo!

5. Strap-Ons

Electric Eel Pegasus 6-Inch Vibrating P-Spot/G-Spot Peg With Harness

A strap-on consists of a harness and a toy that are used to penetrate a partner. They are an amazing couple toy as they are universal and can be used by almost all couples! There are so many different kinds of strap-ons to suit all your penetrative needs and fantasies.

Why You'll Both Love It:

Strap-ons allow you to switch up positions, experiment with role-play, and bring you closer together both physically and intimately. Depending on how you shop for your strap-on, you can customize it exactly how you want by picking out the harness and toy separately, ensuring that both will work best for your bodies.

Try This! Vulva havers can look for a harness with a pocket for a bullet vibrator as the addition of one provides stimulation to the clit with each thrust! If you're finding it difficult to put your penis into a hollow strap-on, use some lube to help you slide in without the uncomfortable chafe!

6. Sex Swings

Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing White

Sex swings are another way to achieve new positions as they take the weight off of one or both of you when you are suspended in the air or against a door. They are especially great for those with chronic pain and/or physical disabilities. However, they also allow for deeper penetration angles, more comfortable oral sessions, and an overall comfier experience! The two main types of sex swings are ones that are installed into the ceiling, and ones that hang over the door when it is closed.

Why You'll Both Love It:

Sex can be very physical, and a swing will let you explore new positions and have the stamina to stay in those positions for longer periods of time. They can also switch up things like foreplay by letting you perform them in different ways. Most can hold up to at least 300 lbs in weight and feature some fun things like stirrups, handles, padded seats, etc. for numerous possibilities for back, neck and limb support, ensuring a comfortable ride!

Try This! Doggie-Swing-Style! The receiving partner lies on the swing on their stomach, hands on the floor while the giving partner gets up behind them to thrust. You have the choice of angle, elevation, and even grips/handles to hold onto if you choose! The receiving partner can also use stirrups to relax their legs while being penetrated. The options are endless!

7. Vibrating Underwear (Panty Vibes)


Cal Exotics Remote Control Boxer Brief Set & Screaming O Charged My Secret Remote Controlled Panty Vibe

Panty vibes are a type of vibrator that was designed specifically to fit inside a pair of underwear! Most are bullet vibrators that slide into a pocket in the panties, however some are also designed to look like panty liners. Most remote controls have a set range that the vibe will work in (such as 30 metres) however keep in mind many things can "block" the signal such as people and walls.

Why You'll Both Love It:

Panty vibes are great for control play, especially in public! The wearer gets the pleasure of vibration, but at the discretion of the person with the remote of course. Have fun driving a partner wild, and teasing wherever seems fit.

Try This! Wear some vibrating underwear out to dinner or to a party! There is the thrill of almost getting caught, and being flirty with each other from across the room, unbeknownst to anyone else.

8. Long-Distance Toys

Lovense Hush Bluetooth Vibrating Butt Plug

"Long-distance" toys refer to any type of sex toy that can connect or be controlled when two or more people are not physically together. Often paired with technology like Bluetooth™ and apps, some can be controlled across the room, whereas others can work from across the world!

Why You'll Both Love It:

Great for long-distance couples, these types of toys provide you with an opportunity to connect and get intimate with another from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere else! Many different brands offer their own app that can be used to control a toy from both close and longer distances with other fun features too.

Try This! Record a treat for a partner or FWB! If willing and consented to, record a video or send some pics of yourself using the toy to them...while they are controlling it. This way, not only will they be able to hear you enjoying yourself (if on the phone too) but watch as well!

9. The Love Strap


Sportsheets Saffron Love Strap

By brand Sportsheets, The Love Strap was created to add some fun and more precise pleasure when in some of your favourite sex positions! This attractive, vegan leather strap wraps around the abdomen of your plaything during doggy style and other "from behind" positions.

Why You'll Both Love It:

The Love Strap provides diminished pressure on the knees and back, more power to deeply penetrate and pummel with vigor, and better access to the G-spot or P-spot! Also, the person holding the strap has more control; both over their own pleasure and to bring their partner closer to them.

Try This! Get more bang for your buck and use the Strap in some other sexy ways! Try it in missionary, with the strap around the lower back or hips of the person receiving penetration, or you can use the strap as a paddle by folding it in half.

10. A Bed Restraint System

Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint Set Special Edition

Transform your bed into a passion playground with a bed restraint system! Featuring a number of cuffs attached to longer straps, many are designed to fit over or underneath the mattress and/or bed. There are tons of different ways to play with a bed restraint system, check out our previous blog post for some ideas!

Why You'll Both Love It:

They provide the ultimate play area that’s easily set up and ready to go! Using lighter restraints like cuffs can also allow you to get comfortable with being restrained before going all out with other types (such as rope) which requires more instruction and safety considerations. They are also a fun way to indulge in Dominant & submissive (D/s) play; you can take turns being restrained, or stick to the roles you know and love!

Try This! Restrain your partner to the bed and use either an impact or sensory toy to play with their senses on a lighter or harder scale.


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