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Discreet Places to Hide Your Toys

Shhhhh…what sex toys?! No one has to know about your naughtier collection thanks to these discreet hiding spots.

Although we are talking about some fun and discreet hiding spots for your sex toys today, it’s still important to follow the proper storage considerations to keep your toys lasting their longest! If you’re just looking for some ideas as to where to store your toys in general - both discreet and out in the open - check out our previous blog for some inspo.

Maybe you have kids, roommates, or still live at home with your parents. Whatever your reason for wanting to hide your sex toys, here are some of our ideas!

1. A locked storage box

Stag Shop Small Lockable Toy Chest

Lock your naughty things into a small and discreet lockable box that is subtle enough to keep within sight. No one will be able to get into the chest but you, and whoever else you'd like to grant access; because you program a secret code into the box's lock system! A toy storage box will not only keep your toys safe, but it will also keep them clean and dust-free between uses.

2. Suitcase

a full suitcase being closed gif

Unless you’re a frequent traveller, you may have a suitcase laying around empty 90% of the time…until now! Use all of that free space to store your toys & lingerie collection. Most suitcases are on wheels which makes for easy maneuvering whether you’re trying to roll it into a closet when company is over or simply from play location to location.

Depending on the size of your sexy collection, you could use anything from a duffel on wheels, to carry-on luggage or maybe even a full-size suitcase!

3. A safe

safe on a bookshelf

If you’re really concerned about your privacy, consider a safe where you may place your other valuables. You could also spring for a diversion safe that disguises it as something else altogether for even more discretion.

4. Your underwear drawer

There’s probably a very good chance that no one is going into your underwear drawer but you, which makes it a perfect sneaky spot. Tuck any internal toys like dildos and plugs into a storage bag first to keep them clean and lint-free. You can hide them beneath some undergarments for more discretion or even tuck a storage bag (with toy included) into a sock or some underwear.

5. Tacklebox/Toolbox

opening toolbox gif

What better way to organize your sexy tools and lure them in (see what we did there?!) than an organizational system like a toolbox or tacklebox? Most can be left in plain sight somewhere like the garage or under the bed without anyone thinking twice about what’s *actually* inside.

If you’ve never really opened one of these boxes before, they provide you with an excellent way to organize items within them thanks to all of the separated compartments and slots. They are also portable to travel with and carry from room to room or to different play parties.

6. The good ol’ fake book

book with a compartment inside

Hey you bookworms, if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably always wanted one of those fake hideaway books that you can keep on your shelf with the rest. For some smaller items like a bullet, some clamps, or a cock ring this could be a fun way to store them!


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