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How to Have a Sexy Halloween 🎃

Here are some of our tips to make Halloween 2022 one of the sexiest ones yet!🧡👻
October 25, 2022

Games, role-playing…there are so many things you can do to have a spooky & sexy Halloween!

1. Dress up!

Fantasy Lingerie Play Anita French Maid Plus Size Costume Set

This one may be obvious, but put those Halloween costumes to another, sexier use! A costume can make you feel confident, sexy, and help you get into the role for any role-playing characters!

  • For solo play, act out any solo fantasies!
  • If you’re in a relationship, dress up for one another!
  • Wear something out to a party or bar

2. Write (& act out) a role-play scene

seth myers thinking and writing gif

If you’re a creative type, try writing (and then of course acting out!) your very own role-playing scene! Add any partners into the mix too if you’d like or make it part of your masturbation solo play!

Psst…if you need some starting points, check out our classic role-playing ideas or some of our tips to help you set your perfect scene!

3. Use themed sex toys

Creature Cocks Beastly Tapered Bumpy Silicone Dildo Silver

Get into the freaky mood with some Halloween-themed sex toys such as…

4. Play some (naughty) games

Ouch by Shots Toys Dice of Passion

These are a couple of our seasonal faves:

Make a DIY trick-or-treat game with sex dice - take turns choosing “trick” or “treat” where trick means using the dice and doing the suggested activity and treat means licking some edible body paint or flavoured lubricant off of eachother.

Kinky bobbing for apples - try to bob for an apple like normal, however have your partner perform oral on you as a distraction and to make it more difficult…take turns and see who can get the most apples!

5. Watch a horror-themed porn parody

scream movie gif

If you’re into watching pornography, you probably know there are quite a few parodies out there adding a sexy twist to many movies and TV shows. Get into the spooky and sexy mood with one that is based on one of your favourite horror or Halloween-themed movies!


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