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Rock the Role Part 3: Sci-Fi

Whether it’s just for a costume or some role-playing too, let us help you to rock that sci-fi role with Stag Shop’s selection!
Emily Zawadzki
October 20, 2022

Happy Halloween 2022!

Now is the perfect time of year to get the most use out of those costumes - in and out of the bedroom. Pretending to be someone else is one of the key components of role-playing, and what better way to dive into some of those creative fantasies?!

We’ve taken a few of the classic costume ideas and given them a modern twist; all done with items we carry here at Stag Shop!

In part one we got hot for teacher and in part two we got down on all fours! Today, we’re venturing into the Upside Down (iykyk) for some sexy, sci-fi fun!👽

1. The Outfit

Coquette D9387 Devil Mask & XR Brands Strict Zip Front Bondage Hood & Coquette D2243 Gloves with Whips

Is there a way for yourself or a partner to dress up to look more like something from your fantasies?! Think hoods & masks, accessories, and maybe even a full costume!

2. Creature of Choice

Creature Cocks Orion Invader Veiny Silicone Dildo Purple & Creature Cocks The Gargoyle Silicone Dildo Silver

Which creature is your creature of choice? A large, wild reptile? Something with tentacles? What about an out-of-this-world, veiny alien!? Take a look at our various Creature Cock dildos - all made out of premium silicone!

3. The Mythical Movements

Lovebotz Robo-FUK Adjustable Position Portable Sex Machine & Lovebotz The Milker Automatic Deluxe Stroker Machine & Fist It Silicone Stimulation Glove

For some people, the fantasy of being with a mythical creature has to do with the way that “monsters” can perform and how they can do what humans can’t. Try a sex machine for the ultimate in hard & fast power, or perhaps a textured stimulation glove (pictured above) if a machine is a little too intense!

4. Monster Mating

Evolved Big Shot Squirting/Vibrating Dildo & King Cock Squirting Realistic Cock & Clean Stream Smooth Silicone Lubricant Launcher

Alternatively, the fantasy may be about mating with a mythical creature - fluids, squirting, impregnation…all that gooey good stuff! If that’s your thing, a squirting dildo or a lube launcher (and associated liquids) can help bring this fantasy to life!