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Reasons Your Partner Bought You a Sex Toy

Happy New Year from Stag Shop! If your partner gifted you a sex toy over the Holidays (or any time throughout the year tbh) you might be wondering why…
January 5, 2023

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So your partner gifted you a sex toy…what does it mean? Why would they buy you that?! Stag Shop is here to help clear the air with several potential reasons as to why your significant other bought you a sex toy!

1. They are trying to tell you about their interests

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Maybe they have a fantasy about doing something to or with you, whether that’s something as simple as playing with ANY toy together or trying something new such as restraints, strap-on play, or anal!

2. “Just because”

just because paul rudd gif

There could be many reasons as to why your partner wants to simply treat you to a new toy:

  • You had a bad day
  • You’re going through something tough
  • As a reward for accomplishing something
  • …or just to tell/show you how much they love and care about you!

3. You’re physically apart

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If you’re not physically together either temporarily or for the long term, the gift of a long-distance toy may be their way of trying to intimately connect with you from afar.

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4. They want you to experience more pleasure

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Whether that’s on your own for some sexy solo time or together, especially if they can use the toy with/on you because as any good partner knows…toys aren’t meant to replace you, simply enhance your pleasure!

5. Because they might be the only person in your life you would feel comfortable receiving a sex toy from!

Tbh a partner is probably one of the only people in your life besides a friend who can gift you a sex toy without it getting a little awkward! There’s also a very good chance that they are one of the only people who even know your sexual interests and preferences and that is key when gifting a sex toy.


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