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Restraint Play...Without Cuffs

If you wanted to explore restraint play…but aren’t into the idea of sporting some handcuffs, try these instead!
March 29, 2022

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What is restraint play?

Restraint play involves restricting the body and/or the body’s movements in some sort of way; sometimes specific parts of the body or the body as a whole. It can be combined with other types of BDSM like Dominant & submissive play, sensory play, pain play, and more!

While a popular toy for restraint play, some folks may not want to use cuffs on the wrists and ankles for a variety of reasons including:

  • Chronic pain or mobility issues affecting how you can take them on & off
  • Circulation issues
  • Material sensitivities (people may not enjoy some materials rubbing on their skin)
  • A more advanced kinkster may see cuffs as being too vanilla
  • They simply don’t like the way they look and/or playing with them in general

So if you wanted to skip the cuffs altogether but still rendezvous with some restraint play, here are some alternatives.

1. Tape

Evolved Bondage Tape Red

Bondage tape actually only sticks to itself so you can control the level of constriction (tightness) around the parts of the body you use it on! Restrain the torso, legs, chest, or try making fun designs over the body…like a top & panty set!

2. Body Restraints

MaleBasics DNGEON Cross Chain Harness Black

More of a wearable, a body harness can be combined with other types of restraint & BDSM play like leashes, rope, gags, and more! They are worn and felt for most folks around the chest area, but sometimes the waist and neck are restrained too, depending on the harness.

3. Tie/Sash Restraints

Cal Exotics Scandal Chair Restraint Ties

For a lighter feel, try a sash restraint! Most are made from a silky, softer material that feels luxurious across the skin and when used on the wrists/ankles, they will feel lighter than a cuff. But they can also be used on other parts of the body - like tying the forearms together - or use them to restrain the body to something - like a chair (pictured above).

You get to tie them up to your comfort, controlling the constriction. We currently carry two different ones by different brands: Sex & Mischief and Scandal.

4. Rope

Cal Exotics Boundless Rope Yellow

Speaking of tying up…rope is another way to explore restraint play as you can choose where exactly on the body you want to tie up; avoiding certain areas if you need to. Once again, you are in full control over the level of constriction, but since rope is a little more heavy-duty, it’s best to do some research on safety practices before playing!

Depending on the material of your rope, some will feel softer against the skin (like polyester and cotton) while others may feel more “scratchy” (like hemp).

5. Gag Restraint

Ouch by Shots Toys Halo Breathable Ball Gag Burgundy

Restrain one of the most sensual parts of the body…the mouth! Once inside, a gag restraint prevents the wearer from talking and using their mouth. If you’re a beginner, look for a gag with holes in it, which allows you to breathe easier! Not sure which gag to choose?! Check out our shopping guide here!

BONUS: XR Brands Body Strap Set

XR Brands Master Series Subdued Full Body Strap Set

Uniquely restrain your partner with seven body straps in varying lengths! Each one adjusts to tighten around the body, allowing you to customize the captivity and get creative with how you choose to wrap it up. The easy-to-use buckles are convenient for any level of player.


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