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Beginner Sex Toys!

If you’re a “beginner” to sex toys in general, this is the blog for you!
Emily Zawadzki
February 21, 2024

While some folks may be very familiar with all of the features and functions that sex toys can provide, others are newer and have no idea where to begin.

So what actually makes a sex toy more “beginner-friendly”? Most of the time toys marketed for “beginners” really just mean they are simpler to use. The toy was likely designed in a way so that users with any experience - but most likely none - can easily operate it. Most brands offer a variety of toys for all levels of experience.

Here are some other things to pay attention to if you find yourself in search of some beginner toys.

1. Sizing

Mini Swan Vibrating Wand Pink

Beginner toys often also mean “smaller” in terms of their length and width/girth. With anal toys especially, it’s better to start out small and work your way up.

For anything being inserted into the body, try to compare it to fingers that you’re comfortable with (in inches). This can help you to determine the ideal size you should be looking for in your toy(s).

For external toys, a lot of the time it’s simply about personal preference!

2. Price Point

Pipedream Pump Worx Euro Penis Pump Black

Often coming in at a cheaper price point, beginner toys allow you to try something out (a certain type of toy or brand) before investing in something of a higher quality.

In fact, we actually have some shopping sections online specifically for clearance toys and toys under $10, $50, and $100!

3. Powered By

Pocket Exotics Silver Bullet Vibrator

Toys with a motor can be powered by a few different ways including rechargeable technology as well as batteries. Both have their pros and cons and you can explore which you’d prefer in a beginner toy first. Some are even disposable meaning that you use it until the battery dies and then toss it out & upgrade!

Many beginner toys - especially the ones lower in price - will be battery-operated, however there are rechargeable beginner toys too!

4. Materials

Selopa Slimplicity Slim Dildo Purple

Along with a cheaper price, beginner toys can sometimes also mean cheaper materials being used such as lesser-quality silicones and porous plastics. This is one you should definitely think about upgrading when you have a toy that you like and enjoy as certain materials are just better than others!

5. Basic Stimulation

Tenga Air Flow Masturbator Cup

Beginner toys are typically easier to use overall and therefore provide more “basic” stimulation to the body. Vibration is a popular feature, otherwise many are kept simple without all of the bells and whistles that other toys can include.

BONUS: Kits & Sets!

Pipedream Classix Ultimate Pleasure Couples Kit Purple

Toy kits & sets can be ideal for beginners as they usually include multiple types of toys or toys of varying sizes (mainly in anal trainer kits) that allow you to explore in a more budget-friendly way!


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