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Holiday Sex Survival Guide!

Although you may not be home for the Holidays, that doesn’t mean your sex life should suffer! Get through the season with our Holiday Sex Survival guide!
Emily Zawadzki
December 20, 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year...for snow, decorations, and staying with your in-laws? For many, the Holidays also mean travelling to see loved ones, potentially even staying over for multiple days in a row. Although you may not be staying in the comfort of your own home during the Holidays, that doesn’t mean your sex life should suffer! 

Don’t let where you’re staying kill the mood though with some of these helpful Holiday sex tips!

1. Maintain respect wherever you are

Liberator Fascinator Throw Blanket Travel Size

Regardless of whether you are in an Airbnb, a hotel, or your mom’s house, it’s important to remain respectful of the place and any other potential guests. If you know you will most likely be having sex during your stay, you can bring your own sheets, headphones for any media, and be sure to always be cleaning up after yourself.

2. Bring your quietest toys

Womanizer Premium 2 Stimulator Black

If you’ve ever owned more than one vibrator, you know they do not all provide the same level of discretion. Some toys are way louder than others, while others are actually marketed as being “whisper-quiet” such as the Womanizer Premium 2 (pictured above) that has a Smart Silence feature. Make sure that if you’re planning on bringing sex toys, they are the quietest ones from your collection to avoid anyone else potentially hearing them.

3. Use pillows

pillows in bed gif

While pillows are great for assisting in positions and comfort, they can also be used to muffle sounds, both from you and/or your sex toys!

4. Try a discreet panty vibe

Cal Exotics Remote Control Lace Panty Set

If you’re feeling extra naughty this year, you and a partner could use a panty vibe. Typically one partner wears the vibrator discreetly under their clothes while the other partner controls it from across the room, at the dinner table, wherever! As long as it’s sure to not be awkwardly noticed by anyone, we say go for it!

5. Bring lighter BDSM tools…

Ouch by Shots Toys Glow-in-the-Dark Eye Mask

…or leave them at home altogether. Since these types of toys can often make more noise, try to bring ones of a lighter material (aka not the clinking metal cuffs) or consider other activities instead. 

Pro Tip: Bring a mouth gag! Not only is it an aesthetically pleasing part of play, but it can actually help you to keep quiet too!

6. Take advantage of any “alone” time

paul rudd in the shower gif

Whether you are travelling with a partner or solo, use any “free time” you can find to your pleasurable advantage. In the shower, while you are getting changed, and while you are taking a “nap” could all be considered potential play times!


Keep it simple! Leave the adventurous and creative sex for when you are home alone and simply enjoy the intimacy and connection with your partner. 

Even your go-to activities (like p-in-v sex) might be too complicated/loud/time-consuming so be open to other types of sexual activity too such as quick make-out sessions, oral sex, hand sex, mutual masturbation, and more!

happy holodays gif

Wherever you end up this month, safe travels and Happy Holidays from Stag Shop!