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Date Idea #1: A Sexy Spring Picnic

Here's our guide to planning a sexy spring picnic that will leave both you and your date feeling enchanted.🌸
Emily Zawadzki
March 20, 2024

As the days grow longer and the weather warms up, it's the perfect time to embrace the spirit of spring and infuse a touch of romance into your outdoor experiences. Imagine a picnic under the blooming cherry blossoms or surrounded by vibrant wildflowers – a setting that sets the stage for a memorable and romantically-charged rendezvous!

1. Choose the Perfect Location

Selecting the right (& private if you know what we mean) location is the foundation of any spring picnic. Opt for a picturesque spot in a local park, by a lake, or in a secluded garden where you can immerse yourselves in nature's beauty. The goal is to create an intimate atmosphere while surrounded by the sights and sounds of spring; you can get even more inspo from our previous blog,How to Have Outdoor Sex.

2. Set the Scene

Create a comfortable outside space by spreading out cozy blankets and arranging some pillows. This not only enhances the comfort level but also adds a touch of luxury to your picnic setting. Consider bringing your trusted sex blanket with you…one that is already used to getting dirty!😉

3. Plan a Sensual Menu

Emojibator Cherry Vibrator Red

Don’t forget about a sensual menu when planning your picnic! There are even a variety of sexy edible items you can bring along with you, depending on your taste…pun intended.😏

Pro Tip: For an added layer of discretion, try bringing a toy that looks just like real food!

4. Embrace the Flower Power

Playboy Petal Flicking Head with Vibrating Stem Vibrator Purple

Spring is synonymous with flowers, so why not incorporate them into your picnic setup?💐 With both real flowers and some of the sexier variety, consider placing a small vase of fresh flowers in the center or scattering flower petals around your blanket. The vibrant colors and sweet fragrances will enhance any romantic ambiance.

5. Create a Playlist

Curate a playlist of some of your favourite sexy songs and/or artists! Whatever your genre, the right music can set the vibe and put you into the sexy mood.

6. Bring Your Favourite Activities…and Toys

Cal Exotics Remote Control Boxer Brief Set Assorted Sizes

Bring along some of your favourite things to do together; like games, a sports activity, a craft, or even some of your favourite (and more discreet) sex toys! If you’re feeling a little kinky, here are 10 ways you can secretly play in public!

So, grab your picnic basket, find that perfect spot, and let the magic of spring romance unfold.🧺💞


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